Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where I Stand - Short-cuts

I've forgotten what it's like to sit outside. I just did it, just now, a few minutes ago.

Well, two weeks ago. I'm writing this just after having done it, but my website robots decide when to post it.

Anyway, it was really nice to sit on my patio. I've been here six months and haven't really taken advantage of that patio. I also haven't taken advantage of the swimming pool. I have, however, taken advantage of the garbage can at the swimming pool that is much closer than the dumpster at the other end of the apartment complex. I received a letter today telling me to no longer throw any of my garbage in the trash can or else I will be charged for them having to dump it!

Some people would get upset, but not me. I was taking a short-cut and got called out on it. That's just what I do. I test the system, I look for holes, I crawl up in those holes and take a nap. Oh yeah, I also show up late.

This week I'm testing my own system. I'm going to call myself out on keeping to my budget. I didn't go out and do anything today. I didn't get in my car once. Normally that would upset me or make me feel like I didn't accomplish anything today, but I did. I saved! I saved gas, I saved money I would have spent wherever I went out. I stuck to my budget AND am even getting ahead of it. It's quite exciting.

Next year I have to start paying upwards of $100 a month on insurance. I'm not looking forward to that at all and I feel that it is a H U G E waste for me to get. Perhaps I should have only gotten dental insurance or only medical, but both? I don't feel that I'll be able to afford it or make it worthwhile. However, I am still the same person I've always been, so I'll find the way to make it worthwhile and somehow I'll afford it (sorry mom, but maybe in 2013 I'll start paying my phone bill...?)

However, this week is my first step. Not necessarily towards paying for my insurance, because living insanely frugile and saving an extra $20 is not going to be a big enough step, but it is a step. Once I get rid of my old credit card debt I'll have a decent sized gap that I can push a new bill into. Unfortunately that gap won't be created in time for January 1st's new insurance bill, but you really never know.

Long story short, I've been doing good this week, but I've also been doing a lot of nothing. I miss having hangouts, having someone to come home to, and having a purpose for the downstairs portion of my townhouse. I should really get a kitchen table, a tv stand, and/or a couch.

Perhaps my secret goal to win the lottery next year should be an actual goal. Until then, hooray for short-cuts.

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