Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Welcome to the official website of "Steve, The Amazing"

Steve has been performing magic for over 15 years and specializes in a fun, engaging, and close-up performance style. Having begun by performing at his family's birthday parties and Christmas parties, "Steve, The Amazing" has now performed throughout America in multiple performance situations for an incredibly wide range of ages. His past accomplishments are an array of impossible feats that very few people can lay claim to including:

- Predicting the Los Angeles Kings to win the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals A YEAR IN ADVANCE on this very website!

- Made iPads appear at a corporate function to be handed out to over two dozen people

- stopped his pulse and the pulse of a participant (verified by two other guests)

- has read minds in every situation, whether online or in person

- Predicted the winner of the National League Championship three months in advance on Facebook

- and even has changed the weather by request MULTIPLE times!

Steve is currently in the middle of his "Seven Impossible Things" tour where he looks to add to this list of accomplishments.

You can read more about "Steve, The Amazing" in the social section of the website or at the Facebook Fan Page at

To book a show or learn more about the types of performances offered; click on the Booking tab or just send an email to

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Secret Show!

We've said it plenty of times before; the Secret Show can happen ANYWHERE! Not only can it happen anywhere, but also at ANY TIME!

Barely weeks after the February Secret Show we've already had word that Steve performed another FULLY IMPROMPTU set at a coffee shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He performed with no props of his own other than a permanent marker that he used to write on a nearby menu. He named memories that no one spoke about, locations only thought of, and names that were never written down. It was a completely different set than the 2 hours he performed a few weeks ago with practically nothing repeated from that event.

Rumor has it that an upcoming "Impossible Thing" was performed for the first time this weekend. hopes to have advance notice on April's Secret Show and will keep you up to date.

For those of you who don't know: The Secret Show is a free magic show that "Steve, The Amazing" performs once a month at a random location to anyone nearby. As you've already read, the event can happen anywhere at any time. Steve has taken the Secret Show to:

Houston, Texas
New York City
Frankenmuth, Michigan
Windsor, Ontatio
Vinton, Louisiana
A rest stop in Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois
St. Louis, Missouri
Indianapolis, Indiana
Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February Secret Show

As many of you have already heard, I did a huge impromptu secret show last week. I was asked by four people to guess the card they were thinking of (sorry to those of you who bet against me, the money went towards the tip though!) I also bent some heavy duty silverware that was laying around the cigar house, made people's cards vanish while they held the deck, caused the entire deck to go back in order while shuffling it, was asked to reveal a PIN code, and used a 100 year old mind reading technique to name the three digit number someone was thinking of. All in all it was a blast, but I want to perform more often. If you mention this blog post any time over the next seven days I'll work out a discount to perform a show for you. Thanks for reading. Make some noise in the comments or on facebook.

- Steve