Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Second Impossible Thing

Performed my second "Impossible Thing" this Saturday near Cleveland, Ohio at a college Halloween Party. Fitting of the time of year I stopped my own pulse and then the heart of a second person with no gimmicks and confirmed by two different party goers. The event caused a variety of different reactions including one girl doing everything she could to convince me to be the next victim.

Other crazy events that nite included a completely impossible coin bend and card magic with some borrowed decks of cards.

Looking to debut some more new things at my show later today, but no more Impossible Things are on the immediate horizon. Keep checking in with TheUsedMagician.com or on facebook at www.Facebook.com/SteveTheAmazing for info.

- Steve

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steve's Seven Impossible Things

The 2013-2014 Tour finally has a name!

"Steve's Seven Impossible Things"

Steve, The Amazing will be taking on his largest challenge yet as he attempts to perform seven "miracle" effects over the next year. The theme spreads beyond the seven as-of-yet unnamed events and encompasses his close-up work as well in the attempt to make each thing he does even more impossible, fair, and out of his hands.

The events will be updated here as they are revealed with the first one actually happening this last week when Steve, The Amazing openly predicted the outcome of the Baseball National League Championship series three months in advance on the facebook fan page.

Clues have been left throughout the internet with posts of "7777777" and even a status update months ago asking people to name an impossible event.

Here's what people are saying about Steve, The Amazing:

"Wait I didn't see because of the camera flash" - Grammy winning musician, Beck

"It's like you're in my head" - rehearsal performance

"Steve shut the party downnnnnn lmao" - Juan via Facebook

"Added a whole new dimension to the night... he can wow any crowd" - Mike from Stow, Ohio

"The magician looks unsettlingly like a young Beck" - MTV

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Steve predicts Baseball National League Championship

Another of Steve's summer predictions came to fruition last night as the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Championship.

Steve made the prediction back in July on his facebook page as well as stating it to any baseball fans that asked him for input.

The original July 21st post was written as the impression he received, not knowing what exactly it meant. Later that week someone pointed out to him that it sounded like a baseball prediction.

Steve is gearing up for a new tour with a new theme after as his "Mind Reader to the Stars" tour closed out this summer with him reading the minds of anyone that asked on social networks or in person.

Always a person of great mystery; Steve's only clue seems to be a random Facebook post from last week that cryptically said: