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Birthday Parties
(for almost any age)
Dinner Functions and Restaurant Magic
(table to table performances)
Publicity Stunts and News Paper Headline Prediction

House Parties:
Spoon Bending Parties
Personality Readings, Drawing Analysis
Guided Meditation

Strolling/Close-up Magician in Houston
Birthday Parties include tons of audience participation with the goal of having everyone involved at some point during the show. The performance starts and ends with the birthday child in order to keep the spotlight on them while still involving everyone else. The birthday child also gets some unique souvenirs from the effects they participated in. The show generally lasts for 40 minutes depending on the age group, but can be adjusted for a longer or shorter performance.

Walk around shows: Often chosen for older birthday events, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. Having performed magic since I was nine gives me the ability to have multiple routines for walk around events. This doesn't just mean that I can have enough material to fill 1-4 hours of performing, but it also means that groups will see different effects, leading to conversations that go beyond the event itself.

Performances With
Time Equities
Quicken Loans
Salvation Army
Thrivent Financial
TV Lounge
America's Got Talent
2015 Grammy of the Year winner Beck and his band
and each month at MotorCity Casino