Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sixth Impossible Thing

The Any Card At Any Number Myth

This isn't a card trick, this is a close-up card miracle. Odds are you haven't seen this effect performed and if you have, it doesn't FEEL like a miracle. There's not even a handful of people that I've seen accomplish this in a clean manner.

I performed this twice in the last few days to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. I'm willing to perform it again and get it on camera if possible, but there's no guarantee.

The effect is this: a participant is given a deck of cards and asked to think of a card. They hold their hand over the deck until a number comes to mind for a reason they can't explain. They deal through the deck FACE-UP until they reach the number they chose. THEY are holding the deck during this. THEY turn over the last card and it is the card they were thinking of.

It all comes down to one last Impossible Thing. This has been quite the journey and ended up taking much longer than I anticipated. I actually began performing the Seventh Impossible Thing back in March, but wanted to find the right venue before I made it official.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I get to perform something Impossible with you one day soon,


Next Public Performance

Saturday, December 20th


MotorCity Casino in front of the Strut Bar