Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April Secret Show

We lied.

The website was unable to give advance notice on the April Secret Show and apologizes for that. Steve, however, had no idea what he was in store for back on April 19th either.

While walking through Greektown in Detroit, Steve was approached by someone who would end up being his "Hype Man" for the next two hours. The two walked from Greektown to Comerica Park before a Tigers baseball game, while Steve performed some classics and a lot of new material.

"Do you believe in magic?! See the best magician in the world, better than David Blaine AND Houdini COMBINED!" - Vido the Hype Man

Steve's next performance is tomorrow at Greektown Casino, but is unfortunately not open to the public. He will be performing three back to back performances that include some suggestion/influence, mind reading, and silverware bending. He has been in talks to walk around downtown between 4-6 p.m., however, and possibly record some more new videos.