Saturday, December 21, 2013

Third Impossible Thing

The iPad Giveaway:

At my final magic show before Christmas I caused handfuls of iPads to appear from empty Christmas boxes. It ended up being more than two dozen that were all given away as gifts. This is not something I thought I'd ever even attempt and definitely not where I expected my "Seven Impossible Things" tour to take me. It was quite a rush and an event I'll always remember.

I also performed some of my most personal and favorite magic events. The entire time I spent there felt like real magic. Some things happened that I can't even explain. To top it off, as I drove home there was a firework display going on, I'm not sure why. The majority of my drive down the freeway was heading straight for it, so I got to see the entire display on my way home. It actually made my eyes water a bit.

Stay tuned for more.

Here's a cell phone video of part of the Impossible Event:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Frankenmuth Weather Change

This was my fourth time changing the weather in Michigan in the last month and I made sure it was my most intense. It did get a little out of control, however, which is why I've stopped taking requests to change the weather, at least in Michigan, for the time being. I posted on the Fan Page on Facebook that I wanted to have snow for my vacation to Frankenmuth on December 14th and 15th.

Here's a before shot of the weather forecast from just a few days prior:

 photo Screenshot_2013-12-08-12-18-04_zps70c03d38.png

Here's an after shot from the day of!:

 photo Screenshot_2013-12-14-05-57-17_zps29422994.png

I went back and forth on considering this my Third Impossible Thing, but as I've stated with the three previous weather changes; this is just a bonus.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In regards to recent requests

I'm writing the following strange message while laughing just a little and feeling even some pride.

My weather changing stunt from earlier this month seems to have caused a few people to begin requesting weather changes themselves. I responded to one yesterday asking for snow (which my girlfriend was not at all pleased with) and today I was met with a request to make it 80 degrees outside. Given the increasing volume of the requests and the polar opposite directions these requests can and have taken; I am suspending any action on my part to change the weather for the time being, at least in Michigan.

Personally I enjoy the winter weather and would rather see it play out, but also, I would hate to cause some sort of freak storm from constant weather changes.

I'm glad you enjoyed the event and I ask that you keep following as we've only just begun the Impossible Things tour. Much more is in store.

- Steve

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weather Change

As a note of clarification; the weather changing stunt I pulled earlier this week with the help of a few positive thinkers on my Facebook Fan Page is not going to count towards the Seven Impossible Things. Perhaps you could consider it "Impossible Thing Number 2 1/2." It will not count mostly because I have a few plans for the Seven Impossible Things and want to do as many of them as...possible(?!)

For those that missed it, you really should just keep an eye on the Facebook page here as then you'll be as up to date as possible. However, here's a recap of what began last week:

November 9th at 3:49 p.m.

"Alright, some of you have been asking me to get rid of these gray skies downriver. I know that the weather channel says they'll stay at least all this week, but I'll do what I can. I have tomorrow off and would really like a chance to wear my good sunglasses."

November 12th at 12:47 p.m.

"I know yesterday's snow made it seem impossible, but thank you to everyone that helped bring the sun out today. Wouldn't mind one more day of it, but I know that's asking a lot! Enjoy."

November 13th at 2:43 p.m.

"Clear blue skies and another bright, sunny day! The power of positive thinking! We should probably let the weather return to normal though"

This started quite the commotion with over 1,300 views to the posts, however, this was just a fun little experiment and an excuse to gain a little extra sunlight. Again, this stunt will not count towards the Seven Impossible Things.

If that's the case, imagine just how impossible the next few things must be!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Second Impossible Thing

Performed my second "Impossible Thing" this Saturday near Cleveland, Ohio at a college Halloween Party. Fitting of the time of year I stopped my own pulse and then the heart of a second person with no gimmicks and confirmed by two different party goers. The event caused a variety of different reactions including one girl doing everything she could to convince me to be the next victim.

Other crazy events that nite included a completely impossible coin bend and card magic with some borrowed decks of cards.

Looking to debut some more new things at my show later today, but no more Impossible Things are on the immediate horizon. Keep checking in with or on facebook at for info.

- Steve

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Steve's Seven Impossible Things

The 2013-2014 Tour finally has a name!

"Steve's Seven Impossible Things"

Steve, The Amazing will be taking on his largest challenge yet as he attempts to perform seven "miracle" effects over the next year. The theme spreads beyond the seven as-of-yet unnamed events and encompasses his close-up work as well in the attempt to make each thing he does even more impossible, fair, and out of his hands.

The events will be updated here as they are revealed with the first one actually happening this last week when Steve, The Amazing openly predicted the outcome of the Baseball National League Championship series three months in advance on the facebook fan page.

Clues have been left throughout the internet with posts of "7777777" and even a status update months ago asking people to name an impossible event.

Here's what people are saying about Steve, The Amazing:

"Wait I didn't see because of the camera flash" - Grammy winning musician, Beck

"It's like you're in my head" - rehearsal performance

"Steve shut the party downnnnnn lmao" - Juan via Facebook

"Added a whole new dimension to the night... he can wow any crowd" - Mike from Stow, Ohio

"The magician looks unsettlingly like a young Beck" - MTV

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Steve predicts Baseball National League Championship

Another of Steve's summer predictions came to fruition last night as the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Championship.

Steve made the prediction back in July on his facebook page as well as stating it to any baseball fans that asked him for input.

The original July 21st post was written as the impression he received, not knowing what exactly it meant. Later that week someone pointed out to him that it sounded like a baseball prediction.

Steve is gearing up for a new tour with a new theme after as his "Mind Reader to the Stars" tour closed out this summer with him reading the minds of anyone that asked on social networks or in person.

Always a person of great mystery; Steve's only clue seems to be a random Facebook post from last week that cryptically said:


Friday, September 6, 2013

Steve performs for musician, Beck

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Show Discount

It'll take a bit of searching, but if you Like the Facebook Fan Page you can get a show discount for any show that you book during August. The show doesn't have to take place IN August, just be booked during the month.

Also, look for a new discount to be announced during the first week of September.

Steve will also be making predictions and reading minds all summer long, so join the other fans!!!

Fan Page -

Book a Show -

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beck’s ‘Song Reader’: Listen to Five Wildly Different Song Interpretations

"Steve, The Amazing" is featured in this MTVHive article from January about his "Song Reader Magic" video. The video got over 1,000+ views in the span of a couple days. Here's what MTV has to say about the video:

Listen to Five Wildly Different Song Interpretations

"Fans have been flooding the Song Reader website with their own submissions; some great, some not-so-great. Here’s five must-hear spins on this latest Beck endeavor.

5. “Why?” (Magician Format)

So the beauty of sheet music is that, well, multiple interpretations are possible. Even for magicians! Check out this cover of the snippet “Why?” presented in magic trick form. Bonus: The magician looks unsettlingly like a young Beck."

Here's the original video:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Song Reader Magic

I'll be recording some new magic videos soon, but I needed to give a bit of a backstory before I do that. The videos are more of a fun project than anything else. It's not exactly where I stand in my current performances, nor will they be recorded in the greatest of quality. They're for fun and will likely be recorded in the living room without any spectators.

With that said; let me explain WHY!

In December, Beck released a new album that included 20 songs in the form of sheet music. So, in order to hear the music, you have to actually play the songs yourself. It's a BEAUTIFUL concept, but I don't know how to read sheet music or really play any instruments. So, at the behest of, we were challenged to use other forms of artistic expression in recreating the songs. I, of course, have chosen to record magic versions of as many of the songs as I can.

I'm a HUGE Beck fan and I think that if you are any kind of musically inclined person (or want to be) that you should pick up the album. It happens to also look very elegant and the lyrics and extra pieces throughout the booklets are very funny as well!

Here's my current YouTube playlist of the album, as performed by people throughout the world.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Mind Reader Stage Show

Mind Reading is impossible.

But is it really?

Our minds tell on us all the time. Our thoughts can be influenced. Just think of apparent lie detection methods, body language reading, advertisements, and horoscopes. Mind Reading is more the study of how our brain can be read, influenced, and more. In this Technological Age where the entire world is at your fingertips, the human mind may be one of our last remaining mysteries.

Join along for a live action history lesson of mind reading as a performance art. You'll learn how to improve your memory quicker than you may think is possible, participate in some mind games, and witness a jaw dropping presentation of non-psychic "Mind Reading" that doesn't involve actors, sleight of hand, or hidden earpieces.

Come watch the show that's guaranteed to make you ask,

"What am I thinking?"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Month 5 - January 2013

Every January since 2009 I've done something new each day for the entire month. This is my fifth new month and it went a little something like this:

Week 1

Day 1: Celebrated New Year Day. This was also my first new year BACK in Michigan. I've never been able to say that before in my life as I've always lived in Michigan.
Day 2: Learned to tie my tie
Day 3: Watched an episode of Arrested Development and ate at the largest Buffalo Wild Wings in the U.S.
Day 4: Played euchre at a friend from high school's house
Day 5: Drank a five hour energy drink
Day 6: looked up my birth father on the internet
Day 7: put on some sort of eye cream

Week 2

Day 8: Personal
Day 9: Personal
Day 10: Ate fish and tartar sauce
Day 11: Began a swear jar
Day 12: Ate shrimp and cocktail sauce
Day 13: Participated in an online fantasy hockey draft
Day 14: An idea my girlfriend heard of. You write down good things that happen to you throughout the year and put it in a jar. At the end of the year you open the jar and see all that happened. (Haven't started to do this yet!)

Week 3

Day 15: Chose seven new things to do throughout the rest of the year in order to extend my new month. I'll keep you up to date as they happen
Day 16: Used eye drops
Day 17: Tried to eat sushi
Day 18: Got a manicure
Day 19: Had a "mocktail" party
Day 20: Had homemade lemonade and guacamole dip
Day 21: Saw the presidential inauguration

Week 4

Day 22: Saw a Red Wing's home opener (also my first time taking a girl to a hockey game)
Day 23: Booked my first paying stage show
Day 24: Will determine my "psychic percentage" by averaging ten readings (yet to do this; I'll keep you up to date)
Day 25: Saw an AHL game for the first time. It was also my first time sitting front row
Day 26: squeezed my own tangerine juice
Day 27: went to the Auto Show in Detroit
Day 28: made bacon bits for macaroni

Final Days

Day 29: adopted a cat from an animal shelter (I mean, I DIDN'T, but my girlfriend did. I did something else today too, but can't remember what it was. I remembered last week and then forgot now...what was it?!)
Day 30: personal
Day 31: used "new-skin" liquid bandage