Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In regards to recent requests

I'm writing the following strange message while laughing just a little and feeling even some pride.

My weather changing stunt from earlier this month seems to have caused a few people to begin requesting weather changes themselves. I responded to one yesterday asking for snow (which my girlfriend was not at all pleased with) and today I was met with a request to make it 80 degrees outside. Given the increasing volume of the requests and the polar opposite directions these requests can and have taken; I am suspending any action on my part to change the weather for the time being, at least in Michigan.

Personally I enjoy the winter weather and would rather see it play out, but also, I would hate to cause some sort of freak storm from constant weather changes.

I'm glad you enjoyed the event and I ask that you keep following as we've only just begun the Impossible Things tour. Much more is in store.

- Steve

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