Monday, January 30, 2012

Steve TV is going LIVE in 2012!

Watch live streaming video from theusedmagician at

Coming soon: Live content, shows, and chats!

The Steve TV page has been updated with a livestream video channel and a 24/7 chatroom!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Month 2012

Day 1: Began the new month in December for the first time (December 28th)
Day 2: Spammed my phone number across the internet (only got one phone call)
Day 3: Ate at an indoor Sonic restaurant
Day 4: My first New Year's celebration in Texas (as well as my first pumpkin pie shake.)
Day 5: My first January in Texas. I've now been in Texas every month, though my last February was in 2007. (I also ran into a construction cone on the freeway for the first time)
Day 6: Ate a deep fried Twinkie at an outdoor winter carnival. (This was a first for the Twinkie, winter carnival, and I believe it was even the first time I ever went on carnival rides.)
Day 7: Tried my best to eat an orange, just don't understand it still!

Week 2 - January 4th

Day 8: Learned about REcaptchas, never knew there was something to know about them!
Day 9: I don't know how to put this one, but I'll sum it up as "made an effort to branch out in Texas"
Day 10: Went to an all hockey sports bar in Houston. Very excited to see hockey with my eyes again! Forgot my wallet though!
Day 11: Walked out without paying
Day 12: Found out all my relative's birthdays
Day 13: Pretty much got asked to join a Ponzi scheme
Day 14: Text my electric company to get estimated bills sent to my phone. I'll be doing that quite frequently to keep my energy down!

Week 3 - January 11th

Day 15: Tracking my daily energy/stress levels at
Day 16: I've now seen every episode of The Office
Day 17: Did one of those "free offers" online
Day 18: Chose to get cash back after a debit card purchase
Day 19: Made a homemade Oreo cookie shake (from the Oreo package)
Day 20: Signed up for a one month free trial of Netflix (pretty much just so that I can finally see "I Love You Phillip Morris")
Day 21: Going to see my first Red Wing game from an away stadium

Week 4 - January 18th

Day 22: Bought and used an electric beard and mustache trimmer
Day 23: Uploaded a picture to I feel awkward now, those pictures just stay there forever?!
Day 24: I was a Yes Man for a day. I said "yes" to every chance, opportunity, or demand. What ended up happening was I got sucked into watching this:
Day 25: Deep fried my own cheese sticks!
Day 26: Took the toll road to work to avoid construction
Day 27: Interacted with some Occupiers at Occupy Houston (I definitely do not get the movement any more.)
Day 28: It was too wet and gray for the zoo. I bought some color safe bleach for my clothes and a webcam.

Week 5 - January 25th

Day 29: Went out and played pool. I lost 3 games to 1! I then lost foosball immediately after that.
Day 30: Was asked by this guy if he could remix one of my songs. I hadsta say "yes."
Day 31: Signing up for Skype (haven't done it yet, rough day yesterday)
Day 32: A new hangout
Day 33: Finding a Buffalo Wild Wings in Texas that plays the WWE pay per views. This is very important to me as it was such a huge and fun part of my routine back home.
Day 34: Battled an internet viral star and lost. I chugged a Coke Zero and my insides felt like they were going to burst. Shouldn't have chosen a diet pop.
Day 35: The FINAL day! I set up a livestream channel where I can host video content, live shows, and a webchat!