Monday, March 11, 2013

Song Reader Magic

I'll be recording some new magic videos soon, but I needed to give a bit of a backstory before I do that. The videos are more of a fun project than anything else. It's not exactly where I stand in my current performances, nor will they be recorded in the greatest of quality. They're for fun and will likely be recorded in the living room without any spectators.

With that said; let me explain WHY!

In December, Beck released a new album that included 20 songs in the form of sheet music. So, in order to hear the music, you have to actually play the songs yourself. It's a BEAUTIFUL concept, but I don't know how to read sheet music or really play any instruments. So, at the behest of, we were challenged to use other forms of artistic expression in recreating the songs. I, of course, have chosen to record magic versions of as many of the songs as I can.

I'm a HUGE Beck fan and I think that if you are any kind of musically inclined person (or want to be) that you should pick up the album. It happens to also look very elegant and the lyrics and extra pieces throughout the booklets are very funny as well!

Here's my current YouTube playlist of the album, as performed by people throughout the world.