Saturday, November 24, 2012

Subconscious Analysis and Reprogramming

I am a Gold Certified S.A.R. Technician.

S.A.R. is Subconscious Analysis and Reprogramming. S.A.R. is a system in which you directly communicate to the subconscious mind by analzying doodles that the client draws during a session. The system can create dramatic personal changes that will benefit you in countless ways.

This simple and powerful technology has the ability to improve your self image, create more confidence, release negative patterns, and focus your mind towards positive and supportive actions and goals.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Updated Birthday Party Setlist for 2013!

My birthday parties start and end with the birthday child in order to give them the largest spotlight with the goal in mind of having everyone involved at some point during the show. The birthday child (and a few other party goers) get some very unique souvenirs from the effects they participated in.

My show has been updated for the new year, becoming even more visual, and even more Amazing! My goal was to be able to widen the age groups that are able to enjoy the show.

The new setlist features a dozen effects that even my closest friends haven't seen; including seven effects that weren't used in the 2011/12 shows!

Now's the perfect time to book a show!!!

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- Steve