Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Welcome to the official website of "Steve, The Amazing"

Steve has been performing magic for over 15 years and specializes in a fun, engaging, and close-up performance style. Having begun by performing at his family's birthday parties and Christmas parties, "Steve, The Amazing" has now performed throughout America in multiple performance situations for an incredibly wide range of ages. His past accomplishments are an array of impossible feats that very few people can lay claim to including:

- Predicting the Los Angeles Kings to win the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals A YEAR IN ADVANCE on this very website!

- Made iPads appear at a corporate function to be handed out to over two dozen people

- stopped his pulse and the pulse of a participant (verified by two other guests)

- has read minds in every situation, whether online or in person

- Predicted the winner of the National League Championship three months in advance on Facebook

- and even has changed the weather by request MULTIPLE times!

Steve is currently in the middle of his "Seven Impossible Things" tour where he looks to add to this list of accomplishments.

You can read more about "Steve, The Amazing" in the social section of the website or at the Facebook Fan Page at

To book a show or learn more about the types of performances offered; click on the Booking tab or just send an email to

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