Saturday, October 15, 2011

Outsourced - Hipnotizados!


Forty-one Colombian high school students experienced mass-panic and had to be taken to hospital following a hypnotism show at the culmination of their annual ‘Fun Day’.

Out of an amassed (paying) audience of 590 students, eight were put into a trance by Miller Zambrano Posada who then made them lift their arms, walk in circles, cry like babies, laugh hysterically, bark like dogs and act like chickens (were it not for the setting, one could be forgiven for thinking that they were behaving like a very normal group of teenagers during breaktime).

The performance was concluded to a round of unforced applause, but as the eight students made their way back to their seats the proceedings appeared to go a bit “Pete Tong”.

Some children in the audience began crying while others dived to the ground for no reason Others beat their chests with the palms of their hands and one female student screamed that she could see ‘the devil’

A total of forty one students experienced what has been described as a mass panic, only one of whom had been an on-stage participant in the hypnotism routine.

Whilst the children were escorted to the hospital, Miller Zambrano Posada was escorted off the premises in police custody facing charges of witchcraft from the parents and teachers.

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