Saturday, July 23, 2011


I still remember July 22nd, 2010. I was about to go out for a walk as I got a phone call from a lovely girl. She's always so giddy in these kinds of moments, these moments where she wants to impress me. We stayed on the phone for hours. I walked to the park and then took a lap around it once I got there. I can really only remember little parts of the conversation now. At one point I began to notice that I was walking slightly pigeon toed. Jordan claimed it was her fault, and perhaps it was! We had lived together for a year and a half before that and perhaps walking next to her for so long did have an impact. I have a mental photograph of looking down at my feet on that track the very minute I was saying that. It was an important moment to me and I feel that this image, this "useless" image and it's silly conversation will stick with me forever. I think there was a slight bit of water, or perhaps that was just some tar or something on the track. I was about to come up to the giant hill in the park, but I wasn't there quite yet.

We had decided by the end of the conversation what we were going to do next.

Thinking back to that day, one year ago, reminded me of March 2009. It was the first time we had seen each other in a year. I can remember the chill in the air, the partly cloudy sky, the feel of my light jacket, and again, that giddyness. I still can hear the music she played in my car from the cd's she brought with her. I remember the joy of driving up to Novi to surprise my friend Dan. He had no idea she would be there or that we were dating again. Ah, and the Big Boy we ate at before we left. I showed her off to everyone that week. I took her to eat with my mom at Hockeytown cafe as well as conspiring with my mom to drive to the top of the parking complex and wait up for us so that I could ask Jordan out again.

She was just supposed to stay for a week, but she missed her flight and decided to stay forever. That was the basis for the next year of my life leading up to the first paragraph in this blog.

Now my decision to come to Texas may not have been as quick as her decision, but I wanted to make sure that everything was going to be as solid as it could before I jumped into it. Plus I couldn't just leave my home of 25 years in Michigan. Now I have a job making more money than I ever had (it's not that much, I'm just cheap and generally have no care for working!) I have an amazing apartment, I'm starting to get my bills paid off, and I even feel like a success in my magic career.

Well I'm going to get to bed in just a minute. One last thing I'd like to mention is something I've been working on. I'm attempting to learn how to quickly and accurately name what day of the week any day was on. For instance, my first Christmas was on a Wednesday. December 2nd, 2010 was on a Thursday. That's the basic idea. Once I get better at it I'll find a way to incorporate it into the sneaky things that I do.

- Steve

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