Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fan Obsolescence 7 - Roll the Tape

It's Working - MGMT (Air Remix)
Blood on Our Hands - Justice Remix
File Sharing - Steve, The Amazing
Out of My System - Jamie Lidell
Down So Long - Jewel
Jupiter - Starf***er
Waitin’ for My Man - Record Club
Bottle of Blues - Beck
Fences - Phoenix (The Soft Pac remix)
Delicate - Finelle

My very musically inclined girlfriend tells me that it is not proper to censor a band's name. After hearing her short argument I completely agreed with her. However, I still feel it is necessary to censor the band name "Starf***er" because of the variety of people that may view my website. I do blame them for choosing such a name, but if you're interested in hearing their music I would recommend you searching for the uncensored name of the band. Thanks!

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