Monday, November 7, 2011

Adventure Time

I just finished reading the A.J. Jacobs book "The Know It All." In the book, the author takes up a year long adventure of reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica from A - Z. This isn't my first A.J. Jacobs book as I really enjoy his "saturation journalism" or whatever it may be called. In another of his books he spends a year living as literally as possible to the Bible, especially the little rules that are overlooked. His books reminds me of the book "Yes Man." Before the movie there was a book about an author that spent a year saying "Yes" to EVERYTHING. It's completely different, but just as funny, as the movie and I would more than highly recommend it to anyone.

I'm about to go on an adventure of my own. My car died two weeks ago and I'm getting my mom's old car as a replacement. In order to get my mom's car I have to get from Houston, Texas to Detroit, Michigan. Very early tomorrow morning I'll be taking the Metro bus to a Greyhound station, off to Dallas, a Spirit Airline flight to Detroit, and then driving the car back down in time to work on Friday.

Looking to my adventure tomorrow and having finished the Encyclopedia (by proxy) makes me begin to look forward to my next adventure: My New Month.

Every January I do something new every day for the entire month. Last year I dyed my hair at home for the first time, announced my move to Texas, went window shopping for an engagement ring, grew a mustache, found out my IQ score, had my first New Year's kiss, had one of my magic ideas sold on, had an idol follow me on Twitter, and many more.

This will be my fourth year. Before January hits I make a list of some new things I could consider doing so that I always have an idea of what to do. This year will be one of the toughest and most fun as many of my new ideas have already happened throughout 2011. I rode a city bus, had to wear a beard cover at work, made it to my old high school weight, made a profit off of magic, and even tried to fix a car with duct tape.

Not only has the last year's changes made this adventure more difficult, but the fact that I have three other years of new things behind me makes the list a bit smaller.

So I'm looking for some ideas for 2012. Also, I'd like to see if anyone wants to join with me (as getting someone else to join would also be a new thing for me!)

Some old ideas of mine that haven't happened yet are:
Practice Radical Honesty for a day
Become a Yes Man
Learn French
Learn Guitar
Make a video go viral
Make a five year plan
Call everyone on my phone's contact list

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  1. I have accomplished many different things this year as well, but I will commit to help you get that "Get someone to join me" one by officiating my first holiday wedding on New Years Eve/Day.