Monday, August 8, 2011

The Challenge - Out of My Hands

Each year I wanted to predict the winner of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and two years in a row I made a prediction, but didn't follow through with actually opening it. The first year I was too timid to find a location to present it and the second year I didn't open the prediction until months after the playoffs had ended.

My announcement is that I am going to attempt to perform my most difficult prediction event of my entire career. This is not something I will likely ever be able to replicate and there is absolutely no guarantee that I will be correct. I am going to predict the winner of the 2012 Stanely Cup Playoffs before the season even begins. I have spent the last two years working out the winner.

I have already made my prediction and sealed it into an envelope that I have mailed across the country to be held by my friend Dan in Michigan. This is the same skeptical friend that I opened my last NHL prediction to in 2008 and he also studied every bit of my graduation party effect from 2003. He is the biggest hockey fan I know and one of the few people who originally got me interested in the sport back in 1994.

I'll be posting videos next year to update you as to how I made my prediction as well as showing you the prediction's journey to the 2012 playoffs and the evolution of this prediction idea from videos made back in 2009.

Thank you for your support. I'm trying to make this the most legitimate test of my skills as a magician and I am being completely honest with you when I say that I do not know how successful this will be. There is not a back-up plan and there is no safety net to guarantee this to be correct.

Please follow along as I begin my 2012 Magic Goal and wish me luck.

- Steve

P.S. I have a few surprises planned for this prediction, so stay tuned.

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