Sunday, August 7, 2011

8 - 8

I began my career in premonitions back in 2003 at my own graduation party. I started a stir amongst my high school peers by announcing that I would correctly guess a randomly drawn word from a shoe box. If I failed, I would distribute all of my graduation money to whomever was present at the end of the party. Anyone was allowed to write down any word and put it into the shoebox as it was on display throughout the entire party next to the box to deposit well wishes and cards.

Hours later a word was selected by a random volunteer and I correctly guessed "beachwood."

The next year I held a show in my old Speech class at the Lincoln Park High School and ended the show by predicting the name of a chosen card in the school advertisements. I even used my abilities to get out of paying a quarter to place the ad!

Later in my career I would go on to predict the Mega-Millions Lottery drawing in a postmarked, signed, and sealed envelope held by a spectator during a Relay for Life performance in Riverview, Michigan in 2010.

There was one prediction, however, that has taken up the last four years of my life.

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