Monday, September 12, 2011

My bid to stay at the "Conan" studio

I'm a huge fan ever since my friend showed me your original show back in the old days (the 90's.) I just wanted to say that I'm very clean, I keep to myself when necessary, and I wouldn't be much of a bother. I also wanted to say that I'm a close-up card magician, "Steve, The Amazing" and would be willing and able to perform for your audience at any point, since I would be staying there anyway. I'd also be willing to pitch in a little towards groceries, but if I buy ice cream or oreo cookies I would appreciate you asking before taking any.

In closing I really think you should pick me. I moved from Michigan to Texas to be with my girlfriend and don’t get to see my friends too often. This way, they’ll be able to turn on your show and perhaps get a glimpse of me!

P.S. Even if you don’t consider picking me for this, you can still hire me as a magician. I charge $65 an hour plus travel.

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