Monday, September 19, 2011

1994 - The Used Magician Relaunch

My Roots:

That's what 1994 is about to me.

1994 was a big year in my life, though it is because of things that I wasn't even aware of at the time. My first idol, Jim Carrey, was beginning his takeover of comedy with Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. I began mimicking him and learning what I could about his interests. I still have quirks from those days, making funny faces in every mirror I see, being a bit spastic, and mimicking any sound that I find entertaining.

My future idol was doing a similar display of insane; performing on stage with leaf blowers, shouting into a megaphone pointed at a microphone, setting things on fire, and also being a bit spastic. Beck, having a similar breakout year as Jim Carrey, releasing Mellow Gold, Stereopathetic Soul Manure, One Foot in the Grave, and A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight in and around 1994.

I always considered myself a bit wild and carefree of a character, myself performing stunts such as standing on a freeway off ramp dressed as a construction cone, living a day as a Drifter, or going to my first game as a volunteer soccer coach riding a bike and dressed up as "Death."

As I've gotten older, my wild side feels like it has subsided. I've become comfortable with the friends I have, complacent, and subdued - with only occasional spastic moments. I felt like I may even retreat into a shell once I moved to Texas and left my comfort zone of Michigan.

Some could argue it's just a thing about getting older, but I realized the other day that I'm in the same age range now of my idols of 1994. So, in the spirit of '94, I'm going to encourage courage as well as expressing myself (somewhat publicly.)

It's not just about being silly, but being adventurous. I've heard stories of Beck doing whatever it took to be able to perform for people. He would talk to musicians at bars and tell them that the owner lets him do a small opening act before the shows, then he would go up to the bar owner and say that he's friends with the band and that they let him open all their shows!

The truth is, I'm still quite a silly guy, I've just not been giving myself the platform or the opportunity to really explore that in a while. School and summer camp were always a great place since you were in a large group of people that weren't total strangers. For the next few months, this place, will be my platform. I hope you all enjoy the show, as that's the only reason I've done anything since 1994.


"Steve, The Amazing"

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