Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Edison Notes - Mentalism book

My first book for the Mentalism community, Edison Notes, will be arriving in August. Our current release date is August 15th. If you pre-order a copy right now, you will get a paperback version of the book and a PDF e-book version. To show my gratitude for your direct support of my work, I'm including a bonus routine in the paperback version. This bonus routine will not be available on any of the pdf's. This paperback version will be extremely limited. We'll only make enough copies of the paperback to fill the pre-orders. After the pre-order ends we will stop printing the physical book.

The book is 76 pages at a size 14 font and costs $40. Please include your mailing address and a valid email address when you purchase the book. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me at www.Facebook.com/SteveTheAmazing. You should receive your PDF e-book before the book ships, hopefully within 48 hours of purchase. The first week may have delays, so I appreciate your patience.

I will be offering an international shipping option later this week. I will not be able to ship internationally until then (at least not without asking for more money to cover shipping.)

This book is for performers only and is not recommended for beginners in Mentalism. Thank you so much for your direct support.

Letter Bomb: Display to your audience how you can influence them to choose a particular letter in the alphabet.

Anything in the World: A cheeky solution to allow your participant to think of anything in the world, change their mind multiple times, and you never touch the b*****. Also, the audience realizes your participant tried to trick you.

Bedroom Light: Guess details of a thought of room in someone's house. Very little risk and the routine is structured so you have a guaranteed ending.

Heartland Feeling: An update of the previous routine which now allows you to seemingly guess any scene that someone is thinking of. The spectator is just as impressed (if not more impressed) than the audience. Nothing is written down.

Naturally Drawn To: Steve teaches his verbal out that allows you to attempt to guess a birth month, zodiac sign, main category for a reading, etc. The structure allows a miss to be instantly washed away.

Cold Cuts and Candy: Takes the Naturally Drawn To structure and applies it to cold cutting to a chosen playing card.

Modesto: A way to guess a U.S. state that someone is thinking of with no props. Without asking a question you can know if you're able to reveal the state propless or if you have to go to the fully described Out. Very little memory work, but includes tips to have this involve no memory work.

Binoculars: Seemingly reveal someone's ATM PIN during a card routine.

Also included is Steve's approach to using Additional Information b*****s, how to reveal things before you do anything, a subtle way to make the random order of a*****ms make sense and Steve's opening script for the Zodiac reveal

Available by visiting the link below

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