Friday, June 3, 2016

Steve's Seven Impossible Things comes to Wyandotte this month

It took "Steve, The Amazing" two years to amass his Seven Impossible Things and now he's bringing as much Impossible as he can to the Downriver Detroit area!

Tickets are available now for this June 24th show at Biddle Blend in Wyandotte, MI

(Tickets available )

The featured act of the show is based on a 100 year old legend of:


In the late 1800's there was a man named Bert Reese who possessed an ability so amazing that it actually frightened people. What he was able to accomplish terrified the people of his hometown so much that it began to hurt business for his father and his father was forced to make a very young Bert Reese leave town.

Years later he had travelled the world performing for kings, presidents, and the brightest minds in the world. One of those bright minds was that of Thomas Edison, who believed that Bert Reese didn't have a supernatural ability, but rather an as-of-yet undiscovered natural human ability; the ability of X-Ray Vision!

"Steve, The Amazing" will attempt to recreate the impossible myth of Bert Reese almost exactly 100 years since one of his most notorious performances.

Steve, The Amazing is a "Technically" World Famous Magician and Mind Reader from the Detroit area. He's performed for celebrities, musicians, corporate events, weddings, and more. He can be contacted for shows and events at

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